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Blood Glucose Tracker manages & reminds your diabetes in quick and easy.

Blood glucose tracker by 9fit is an easy and convenient top diabetes tracker app that enables you to log blood sugar levels, and keep a track of them anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your Android phone!

Your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and body weight give a bigger picture of your health. Let’s read about each component in brief.

Blood Glucose Level: The amount of glucose present in your blood is your blood glucose level. Diabetes and high blood sugar level are becoming oversized issues nowadays. Over time, they can harm your body and lead to many unknown problems.

Blood Pressure: Your heart circulates blood in the body to supply it with appropriate oxygen and energy. This circulation of your blood pushes towards the side of the blood vessels. The pressure at which this process takes place is your blood pressure. High blood pressure results in extra stress on the arteries and heart, which can cause heart problems.

Body Weight: Today’s irregular lifestyle is leading to obesity in most people. Being overweight means excess fat, which can also lead to many diseases.

What are you waiting for? Analyze your health today with the help of our blood glucose tracker application and take your treatment to the next level.

A blood glucose tracker includes a diabetes tracker, which is free to use and keeps track of your data. It’s an important application for a person who needs to check their blood glucose, blood pressure level, and body weight regularly. You can now track and manage the data of:

- Blood Glucose (Diabetes)
- Blood Pressure (BP)
- Body Weight
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Blood Glucose, Pressure & Weight Tracker comes with below features:

Track your blood glucose levels by time.
Log blood glucose of the past days at different time intervals during the day.
Daily reminders: Record data in your blood sugar log by events like before and after breakfast, before and after lunch, before and after dinner.
Allows changing blood glucose level units by milligrams/dl (milligrams per deciliter), mmol / L (millimoles per liter), and lbs or kgs. (International units)
Also comes with a weight tracker, blood pressure tracker, and estimated A1C data tracker.
Offline mode: Record your blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight offline in the data log.
Easy sharing with your doctor: Export the data record of your blood glucose, blood pressure, and bodyweight logbook directly from your device in CSV or PDF format, and share it with your doctor via Google Drive or Dropbox for safekeeping.
Graphical information: Easily compare and analyze your blood glucose, blood pressure (BP), and body weight by looking at all the statistics.
On-screen, dashboard number pad to feed data.
App widget: display your blood glucose tracker on the main screen of your Android phone and view the summary of your blood glucose without actually opening the app.
Enable/disable notifications for the app in the settings menu.
Quick logging on the home screen: log data through the home dashboard by tapping on top section value, if you wish to log detailed data, you can easily do it by tapping on the ‘plus’ (+) button on the home screen.


Making our Blood Glucose Tracker app better day by day is what we aim for, and we can do this with your valuable feedback! Got any ideas and suggestions for improvement, or questions regarding any issue? Contact us via email.


Kindly note that the app is not meant to measure your blood glucose for understanding your diabetes. We only maintain the records as entered by the user in our local storage. The data record book is just a way to track and better understand blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight.

How can download Blood Glucose Tracker - Track

You Can Download Blood Glucose Tracker - Track from this links :

android Download APK Direct adb Download APK Mod update Versions valiables

What is new in version 1.9.2

* Add date range selection for both CSV and PDF.
* Fixed CSV and PDF not attached in email for Android 11 users.
* Weight unit change not reflected in home screen bug fixed.