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A Chat Bot made with love, to support you in your Twitch Streams.

Botstafa is probably the first Twitch Chat Bot, that has been developed natively for Android. This is exciting and may benefit many users.

-- Getting Started --

Botstafa is easy to set up. In order to use Botstafa, you'll need a Twitch account, that will be used by the app as your very own Bot. This Bot needs to be a moderator in your channels` chat, of course.

Upon starting the app, Botstafa will ask for some permissions of that Bot Account via Twitch and once receiving those, you're good to go.

-- Features --

You never liked that the other Bots had a name, which you couldn't change or select? Well... Botstafa has got you covered. Just create a Twitch account, call it however you like and use it with Botstafa. Thanks to the OAuth2.0 Standard, you won't need to give the app more access to resources than it needs to.

You don't need a second screen, when you've got Botstafa. Well, you need your phones screen, but that's not really comparable with a two monitor set up now, is it?
The reason for this is Botstafa`s Chat Feature! Yes, you can just read along in your stream`s chat, while playing a game in full screen mode.

The app allows you to have a blacklist and customizable timeout levels.

Fortunately, Botstafa is also good at maths, which is why he is keeping track of stats and allows you to use a counter.

A big feature of Botstafa is, that you can use values, that are being evaluated at runtime. Meaning, that you could write a text for a timeout where the bot, for example, states the game that is being played at the moment that the timeout is being sent. The same goes for the value of the counter, the user that triggered the command or timeout and the uptime.

Polls and Giveaways are also supported and allow you to interact with your community in a unique way.

-- Notes --

Botstafa is a one-man project, that has been developed with love. If you can help keeping the app bug free, we all could benefit from it. Ideas for new features are welcome as well.

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What is new in version 1.4.5

Fixed a bug.