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iota is safe, the most simple and economical private enterprise IM (limited to business users, before downloading please consult your company MIS)

The main features of "iota Enterprise Private IM":

1. Safety
• Account and password are not on the ground: Support Oauth authorization, personal mobile phones and computers will not save account numbers and passwords, reducing the risk of being cracked
• Transmission content encryption: support SSL encryption, more secure transmission of sensitive data
• Centralized data management: messages and files are centrally stored on the enterprise host, eliminating the risk of personal device theft or accidental deletion of data

2. Simple
•The most popular interface: the operating line is the closest to the Line, and it is the easiest to use
• Easiest across devices: Change phones or switch platforms without backing up data
•Support emoticon sets: Enterprises can simply self-manage emoji stickers, making communication easy and fun

3. Lightweight
• Data does not occupy space: the amount of personal information is not limited by the space of mobile phones and computers
• The thinnest and most dedicated: meet the purest IM communication situation with the most streamlined functions, so that the work can be focused without distraction

(This software needs to interface with the iota exclusive enterprise server, and the construction method will be provided by Ruiyang Information in the near future)

Reminder: To ensure the safety of your mobile device, please install protection software on your mobile device and install it to the latest operating system version.

How can download iota

You Can Download iota from this links :

android Download APK Direct adb Download APK Mod update Versions valiables

What is new in version 1.17.0

[新增] 支援 Carousel 類型卡片
[新增] 支援 bot 權限限制
[新增] 支援伺服器連線限制版本功能
[優化] 卡片顯示優化
[修正] 大頭貼資訊過多造成視窗跑版問題
[修正] 特定情況截圖失敗問題
[修正] 特定情況群組消失問題
[修正] 特定情況無法上傳檔案問題
[修正] 在特定 Android 上使用密碼管理工具時無法登入問題