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Cute animal mods for minecraft. Add more wildlife creatures. Build a zoo!

Download Newest Animals Mod for Minecraft PE (MCPE) or pocket edition With this add-on you add a lots of new animals that will appear in our Minecraft worlds, most animals are aggressive, others can be domesticated to defend against mobs and some animals can be adorable and cute. Download free popular minecraft mod and addon or texture pack. This minecraft mods and addon will enhance your gameplay more fun!

All animals can be found in our Minecraft worlds according to their respective biome, some are tamable, others are aggressive and not capable of taming.

Wonder of the Earth's wildlife to minecraft, from the smallest tree frogs to the massive humpback whale to the intelligent chimpanzee! Alongside the animals is a variety of blocks, plants, items and weapons to help the player survive in the wild, capture animals, and build the best animal zoo mod possible! Explore the Wild, Educate yourself on the Animals, and adventure the world's coolest animal Zoo!

Features Animal Mods & Addons for Minecraft
- High quality animations pack and 4K texture packs support
- Newest Animals mod / addons master installer for mcpe
- Compatible with all versions minecraft mcpe of bedrock version
- Support with addons or mods or texture packs
- Compatible with to 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128 Texture Packs.
- Downlaod free and instant install
- Untamed Wilds Mod
- Better Animal Plus Mod
- Newest animals pet mod
- Earth Mobs
- Animalium Mod
- Alex's Mobs
- Animal Zoo Mod
- De-Extiction Animals Mod
- Contained Extinction Mod

Some lists of animals:
- Exotic Birds
- Tigers / White Tigers
- Leopards
- Snow leopards
- Panthers
- Cougars
- Hippopotamus
- Crocodile
- Deer
- Hedgehog
- Platypus
- Giraffe
- Gorillas
- Seal
- Penguin
- Caracal
- Rhino
- Elephants (Asian and African):
- Mammoth
- Villager Ice
- Bears
- Big cats
- Lions/White Lions
- Zebras
- Ostrich
- Ostrich Armor
- Kiwi
- Pelican
- Wild boar
- Rats
- Snail
- Blue
- Hammerhead shark
- White Shark and Tiger Shark
- Shark Sword
- And more!

This Animals Mod application for minecraft don't use assests from the original game. This app need Minecraft MCPE game to install file and play. You can get it by download and install on app store. This app is not associate with Mojang AB, the Minecraft name, the Minecraft brand, and all Minecraft property is the property of Mojang AB or a respected owner. According to link Link is Here

How can download Wild Animals Mod Minecraft PE

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What is new in version 1.2.8

- Fixed bug and improve app stability.