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This app has the most comprehensive database of dragon mods for Minecraft.

"Dragons mod for Minecraft - Dragon mounts mods" is one of the most popular apps for Minecraft PE gamers who wish to customize their game. This app has the most comprehensive database of dragon mods and addons for Minecraft. There are also a number of texture pack mods and changeable skins addons including baby dragons, dinosaurs, pets, and other mobs. Every week, we update our mods and addons. In addition, we are constantly adding new ones.

Here are some of the mcpe addons and mods that can be downloaded right now through the app:

* The Baby Ender Dragons Addon for Minecraft PE adds a new dragon pet to the Overworld. Baby Ender Dragons are the replacement pets for Bats, which means they spawn mostly in caves. The same dragon appears in two different forms. The Stage 1 version is friendly to players, while the Stage 2 version is hostile and has more health than the first. * Wither dragon Mod - Wither dragon has 800 health and deals 10 damage with his wither skulls. It's similar to wither, but it's more powerful.
The dragon has a special attack that is similar to that of an evoker, and it is difficult to hit him since he has a knockback due to thunders. * Spyro The Dragon Add-on - This add-on adds the small dragon from the game "Spyro Reignited link Link is Here If you give this dragon apples, he will follow you. He can also be healed by apples, and melons can spit fire at opponents. Spyro can stay put if you hold the screen on him long enough until you see a "sit" option, then hit "stand" to have him continue walking!
* Monster Hunter Addon for Minecraft - Have you ever wished for more creatures and bosses in the world of Minecraft? The name Monster Hunter will then ring a bell. 3 new monsters from the franchise are included in this addon. Anjanath, the Hot, Pink, and Hairy, as well as others.
Curse Dragon Mod - Curse dragon has 15000 health and 100 damage, and it is 3 inches tall. Anyone who tries to fight with the curse dragon will be killed. This curse dragon is one of the most powerful bosses in the game, and it fires pink fireballs! It has three dragon heads and is extremely powerful! The app contains a large number of addons and mods for Minecraft PE (MCPE).

The playable addon introduces a slew of new dragons, armor, and swords to the game. You can tame your dragon after downloading this mod. It is incredibly simple to explore new territories and biomes with the dragon.
The dragon is also a good protector and makes lovely pets. Dragons are naturally nasty creatures, but if you can tame one, he will be extremely nice and helpful to you.
We may also make new weapons, tools, and armor parts with the new mineral resources added by the mod. Furthermore, dragon eggs will no longer be used solely for decoration; they will now give birth to young dragons that we may tame, grow, and, of course, mount.

To tame or feed the dragon, you can utilize any form of raw or prepared meat.
Continue feeding it meat until you see heart fragments, at which point you'll know it's yours because it's been tamed.

Except for the ghost dragon, all dragons in Dragon Mounts have unique armor, swords, and scales. Press and hold the screen or right-click to equip the armor. In dragons, you can also equip a saddle, chest, and horse armor.

The Pet Dragon Mod in Minecraft allows you to make friends with dragons. A dragon can only be found by spawning it with a spawner egg, and once tamed, it will always guard you as a devoted friend and companion.

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