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A must-have app for white noise, meditation, and Pomodoro. become a better you.

【Mist】 is a body and mind health app that integrates white noise, breathing meditation, Pomodoro clock and other mindfulness tools to help you decompress and relax, improve sleep, and develop good link Link is Here provides a large number of white noise materials, such as natural white noise such as rain, sea, running water, thunder, as well as animal white noise such as insects and birdsong, as well as brain wave music, soothing music, music boxes and other soothing and relaxing music.A variety of breathing meditation exercises to help you withdraw from the fast-paced moment and maintain a soothing and peaceful mind. The customizable Pomodoro allows you to quickly enter the Pomodoro Technique, grasp the rhythm of life, stay focused, and say goodbye to procrastination.

Special function:
【White Noise】- A lot of white noise
1. A lot of white noise, covering a variety of scenarios.
2. Timing stop function, accompany you to fall asleep without causing too much interruption.
3. Sleep statistics, listening time of the day.
4. Exquisite play page, random soothing animation, give you a pleasing experience.

【Breathing Meditation】- Multiple Modes
1. Various modes of breathing meditation, in different time periods, use fragmented time to calm the heart.
2. You can turn on the soft background music to help you quickly enter the state.
3. A variety of modes, multiple functions, calm emotions, relieve stress, guide sleep...

【Pomodoro】- Scientific Pomodoro Technique
1. Quick settings, covering a variety of life scenarios, such as work, reading, learning, and quickly enter the Pomodoro Technique.
2. You can customize the duration and background, and have more sense of independent participation.
3. Precise statistics, daily and weekly can be reviewed in real time, so you don't miss every bit of your progress.

For people:
• People with sleep disorders who wish to improve their sleep.
• Anxiety and stressful urban population.
• Students, white-collar workers and other people who have long-term study and work needs and need to stay focused.
• People who need to think or generate ideas in a quiet environment.
• People with procrastination who want to improve their procrastination habits.
• Meditation practitioners seeking inner peace.

How can download Mist: White Noise & Meditation

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What is new in version 1.4.1

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