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■ The best app for studying Japanese with data from basic to advanced. More than 10000 common vocabulary practice JLPT N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 and 2300 Kanji.

■ We are Japanese language learners and understand the difficulty of studying Japanese. Since then, we have researched and created an app to learn 10000 Japanese vocabulary words. (Include vocabulary in the example)

◇ 1000 JLPT N5 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 1500 JLPT N4 Japanese Vocabulary with 7 topics
◇ 2000 JLPT N3 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 2500 JLPT N2 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 3000 JLPT N1 Japanese Vocabulary with 14 topics

■ There are phonetic transcriptions for example and more, audio vocabulary and examples.

Features in the application:
1. Listen to a single vocabulary, listen to examples. Not only are you learning vocabulary, but also you can imitate Japanese pronunciation. Please experience learning vocabulary and listening practice with the app

2. Listen to the whole lesson. After each lesson, you should listen to the entire lesson to revise and remember the words you have learned before. And you can review the previous lesson by listening and remembering the meaning of the word. Always use it. A super cool function of the app.

3. Learn vocabulary with FlashCard: The vocabulary in the lesson will be randomly displayed, when you click on the center of the card that will show the meaning of the vocabulary and sound pronunciation. When you click on the left of the card will return to the previous, click on the right of the card will switch to a new word.

All of them are reciprocal animated very pretty. There is an on-off function for you practice.

4. Listening and writing vocabulary: The vocabulary in the lesson will also be randomed, showed only the vocabulary meaning. At the beginning of the sound will be played, then you enter the word in the box and press the check button to see if the results you have entered are correct. You can listen to the vocabulary one more time if you want.

5. Practice doing vocabulary test: After each lesson, there is a practice test. Just remember to complete it, the results will be updated to the completion of the lesson.

6. Vocabulary notebook: Save traces of vocabulary that you do not know or do not remember in your vocabulary book by clicking on the star next to the vocabulary. There is a vocabulary review function in your notebook to Which help you practice and remember longer.

7. The function of completing the lesson, when you do not practice, it will automatically save the results, and mark your progress.

8. The lesson tracking function helps you mark your learning path.

9. The Japanese alphabet hiragana katakana has sound. Practice the alphabet with the FlashCard part.

10. 1800 Japanese communication sentences with native audio are divided into many learning topics

11. 2000 JLPT exam questions from N5 to N1 levels

12. 2300 Kanji JLPT N5 - N1.

Do not forget to rate the app. I hope that you will study well and where to study JLPT

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