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Time to observe and investigate our thoughts by ourselves

A simple app that serves as a daily nudge to contemplate and evaluate on one's life. The daily act of questioning and reflection can bring about new perspective on a circumstance or problem. Thus, enabling a person to make better decision.

Small improvement everyday can grow into prominence when given time. The quote acts as a reflection to the person interpreting them and only those who are aware about themselves will be able to take the right action.

The intention is not to change anybody's perception as that is near impossibility but user could use the quote like a finger pointing toward the moon. Use it to see where it leads by investigating ourselves.

Do not concentrate on the finger else you will miss all the heavenly glory as Bruce Lee puts it. In the same vein, I hope it helps a little to those who use the app.

You might be in search of wisdom, guidance, inspiration, meaning or just want to enjoy what these people from ancient time to modern society have thoughts of what life might mean or be.


✔ Learn from 75 authors over 5k quotes.
✔ Existential corner with 101 questions.
✔ Dark Mode.
✔ Bookmark your favourite quotes.
✔ Share the best quote to your loved one.
✔ Share quote as image.
✔ Full text search experience.
✔ Pin your favourite quote on dashboard.
✔ Daily quote notification.
✔ Daily quote notification saved up to 7 days.
✔ Full screen quote customization.
✔ Offline viewing when there is no internet connection.
✔ Speak aloud the quote at your pleasure.
✔ Searching is available.
✔ Backup your bookmarks and categories.
✔ Minimalist UI.
✔ Better quote viewing experience.
✔ Collection of grouped authors with similar thinking.
✔ Sticky daily morning notification and pinned quote option available.
✔ Quote bulb to indicate possible details.
✔ Quote can be pinned and it will appear in dashboard.
✔ Resources to learn about Buddhism, Daoism, Stoicism, Zen, and general life.


The app contains 75 authors namely the philosopher king Marcus Aurelius on Stoicism, to Socrates who is credited as a founder of Western philosophy, to Carl Jung who help us to shed light into the human consciousness.

Alan Watts who help to interpreting and popularising Eastern religions and philosophies to Western audience. Bodhidharma who is the founder of Zen. Finally, Krishnamurti whom ask us to become a light to ourselves rather than depends on any figments.

There are enough authors inside to start your own journey of finding oneself in this vast world. Not as a tool to solidify one's view but to be open to other views and what they might be directing toward to. To investigate and observe the self.

PS: From the creator of the app

The app is the result from my own soul-searching journey as I was confused and in distress because I was suffering from burnout at my previous workplace. However, I’m well and is better now. My journey gave me the capacity to think clearer, able to discern better and ground me to reality more compared to when I just started.

I want to give others a way to realize this themselves. So, they could slowly chip away the confusion because a confused mind leads to even more confused state. Thus, trapped in a never-ending circle without knowing what is really happening.

After using the app, if you find it useful to you. Do share it out to your friends and give it a good rating.

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What is new in version 0.1.8

Fixed crashes sharing a quote.