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Bubble level meter where you can measure surface level, a small size Sensor app

A Bubble Level Tool : Level Meter is the best level meter tool. We are providing a spirit level app for free. You can use the clinometer app and spirit level meter. The precise Level app is best for measure on surface. In leveling tool app we allow you to use auto level app. You can use vertical level meter app and slope level that easily check. A spirit level app is an instrument that designed to indicate whether a surface is vertical and horizontal level checker. The pendulum level app where you can measure pendulum bob leveler of vertical surface.

The bubble Level tool app is designed for surface level and spirit level. This is an accurate bubble level tool Inclinometer Application. This bubble level tool app will help you determine a plane or a surface. The bubble level tool is an instrument that is used to measure the angles of the slope.

Bubble Level Tool : Level Meter which really helpful to find the measurement of any surface. A bubble level app made a simple and easy to use. This precise level meter gives you accurate results in digital level is totally free. Bubble Leveling app also features a degree level which is a circular and flat bottomed device with the liquid bubble level. The spirit level is an app designed to check horizontal surface. This application beside the classical measure level contains the calibration option. In this spirit level app all leveling tools are free. Angle measurement on surface level where you can calculate the angle calculation. A bubble level meter is usually used in construction or carpentry.

Sensor App for android detects all available sensors include sound sensor or pressure sensor and light sensor app with amazing graphics result. Magnetometer is used to measure the magnitude level of a magnetic field and use the magnetic sensor. Proximity sensor sense the nearby objects. Proximity sensor test measures the distance between the device and the object. Location app tells you the altitude. Location latitude longitude is the precision location of a point on earth. Accelerometer tells the floor level weather it is balance or not. Compass app find your actual position that compass sensor for android determines all geographical direction. Gyroscope sensor measures the rate of rotation about the device that gyroscope calibration. Temperature sensor is an easy to use thermometer app that displays environment temperature. You can find our room temperature with sensor app.

Gyroscope Sensor app

Gyroscope sensor can measure six directions at a time. Gyroscope sensor is used are device that sense angular velocity. The gyroscope calibration in your device is continually monitored and when the detection leveling is crossed.

Magnetic Field Sensor

Precise level app is used to measure the magnitude of a magnetic field and use the magnetometer sensor to measure the strength of magnetic fields. Magnetic field is used in many areas like magnet detection.

Sound Level Meter

Sound meter detects the sound intensity around you. Sound level meter app is shows a decibel values by measure the environmental noise by spirit level app.

Proximity sensor
Proximity sensor helps you to test your proximity sensor. Spirit level app can help you by testing proximity sensor. Proximity checker measure the distance between two objects, the mobile screen and our hand or face.

This Most professional tool is called bubble Level tool & Inclinometer. A Bubble Level Tool A level Meter or a spirit is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is a horizontal level or vertical plumb. Bubble Level Tool: Level Meter is a handy accurate simple to use and handy tool for your Android device.

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